@TaylorHettinger For my extraordinary friend
  1. Her steadfastness
    She's always always always stood by me and it means the entire world
  2. Her thoughtfulness
    Every gift I've ever received from her has always been so meaningful and lovely
  3. Her planning/organization skills
    She was making flawless lists WAY before this app was even an idea. She's made sure I've never forgotten to pack items on every trip we've been on together. Thank you, T
  4. Her love of reading
    It's so cute. I love it. She's always pumped about some novel and it's inspiring
  5. Her love of travel
    Bc SAME
  6. Her many talents
    Volleyball perfection, singing excellence, decorating flawlessness, makeup voodoo, and more!
  7. Her genuine care for others
    "Text me when you're home safe" I sure will, you beautiful and kind butterfly
  8. The fact that she's on and loves The List App
    So many of my friends do not get this app or have refused to try but not Taylor. You are wonderful
  9. There are so many other things I could say but I'll stop
    For now!