Inspired by @quixotic
  1. This list is for you
  2. You're my best friend in the entire universe
  3. You make me laugh harder than anyone in the world
  4. You make adventures the most fun
  5. Our FaceTime calls mean the world to me
  6. You've had to deal with a lot of nonsense, yet you still have the kindest heart
  7. You're the world's worst DD
    But we still got home safe and happy
  8. You make road trips bearable
  9. You will joyfully cause a scene with me in public
  10. You cheer me up when I'm being emo
  11. You're always down to duet with me
    And you know all the words to my songs
  12. You're talented and unique and lovely
  13. And I adore you and I miss you with all of my young heart