Inspired by @hannah_rachel. Our names rhyme. Nice.
  1. Coffee
    Iced toddy latté with coconut syrup. "Do you want whipped cream?" OBVIOUSLY.
  2. Scent
    Pine trees that just got rained on.
  3. Wardrobe Description
    "Extremely questionable but somehow works out in the end."
  4. Pizza
    Margarita pizza forever. OR cheese pizza with cream cheese from Roma's aka my life source
  5. Smoothie
    There's gotta be mangos. There's gotta be peaches. Those are my only musts.
  6. Sandwich
    Chicken caprese sandwich. Can I hear a "Mozzarella?" MOZZARELLA! Can I hear a "tomatoes?" TOMATOES! Can I hear a "ciabatta bun?" CIABATTA BUN!
  7. Dessert
    4 Otter Pops. Any flavor.
  8. Man
    Beard. Over 6'0". Wears button ups. Musician. If you meet these requirements, I will be in love with you.
  9. Date
    Go to an amusement park. Ride all the lovely rides. Kiss on a Ferris wheel. Go get dinner. Go to a comedy show. Laugh. Sing together all night long. Fall asleep watching How I Met Your Mother.
  10. Sleepover
    All of my friends. Giant fort. Twinkly lights. The Game of Things. Lots of giggling. Love life chats. Fruit snacks. Some kind of adventure probably.