And it's wild, weird, and wonderful
  1. The people here are all very stern
    I am not stern and I smile at everyone so I don't fit in
  2. They love paddleboating
    It's alright I guess
  3. The Duke of Lithuania once lived in this castle
    I didn't get to meet him tragically
  4. The buildings are fascinating
    This photo is my lock screen
  5. There's lots of sand
    Which is okay with me
  6. This mouse grants you wishes if you whisper the wish in his ear
    I actually poured my heart out to this rodent so I rly hope it works out
  7. My house is weird
    But I love it much
  8. It's very sunny
    But I hear it's supposed to rain a lot
  9. The people I've met have been quite lovely
    Here we are drinking too much