Every single one of my profile pictures is questionable at best.
  1. 1 One of the oldest profile pictures on my record.
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    My eyes are so red and I'm so damn smug. What had I been up to honestly?
  2. 2 My hands had never been more jazzy.
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    I'm also wearing many religious necklaces. Go Anna.
  3. 3 Big money
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    $65?! Incredible!!!!
  4. 4 Aw yiss.
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    Drinking water against a funeral home car.
  5. 5 The time I broke my neck?
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    What was my angle here? Ha. Angle
  6. 6 The time I was a ghost?
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    Ugh out loud
  7. 7 My true self
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    Cheesing so hard I had to hold my mustache on
  8. 8 What could this mean?
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    I think I wanted to leave it open for interpretation
  9. 9 Whose fingers are those?
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    Who knows?
  10. 10 A picture clearly worth 1000 words
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    I'm not looking at the camera and my brother looks like he's sobbing on the inside. Drew are you okay tell me the truth
  11. 11 A heavily edited photo of my stray baby hairs flying in the wind
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    And by wind, I mean the blow dryer I had pointed at myself for dramatic flair.
  12. 12 A famous boy signed my hand!
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    There's a crumpled napkin in my hair!!
  13. 13 Couple of the Year
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    "Who is that guy?" you ask. "Merely the lead singer of Cobra Starship," I respond with a sly grin. "Who the hell is Cobra Starship?" you say next. "Shut up" is all I can muster.