I latch on, man. I have really broad and good music taste. These are just the ones I was suuuuuuper into.
  1. Bob Marley
    Ages 1-6. I had two fish named Bob and Marley. Rasta. I couldn't be stopped.
  2. Tim McGraw
    Ages 7-8. I did once love country music. I know we're all shocked. He was my first concert. He waved in my general direction and my heart caught fire.
  3. Jonas Brothers
    Ages 9-11. Saw those cats in concert. Made stupid signs that said, "Phone us, Jonas" with my mom's office digits attached and "Nick, if you come over here, I'll give you this dollar" with an actual dollar attached. Kevin waved to us from the tour bus but I didn't see him and I'm still bitter.
  4. J-Biebs
    Ages 12-14. I got sucked in the vortex. I escaped quickly though. He's so damn charming.
  5. One Direction
    Ages 14-present. I might make a whole list dedicated to the beauty that is my love for those boys.