It was a dream
  1. I had never climbed the steps straight into a plane before
    And felt a bit like a celeb
  2. I got so much reading done on the plane
    Literature is everything to me these days
  3. It was pouring rain when I ran from Gare du Nord to my hostel
    Lol sorry this is so blurry
  4. I went on a walking tour with some lovely pals I met
    Here they are looking at a monument
  5. The Notre Dame was unreal of course
  6. Every part of Paris is so historic
    Marie Antionette spent her time here before being beheaded
  7. The Louvre was massive
    I had no idea it was this big??
  8. I had a yummo lunch at the cafe next door
    The inside of the bookstore was overwhelming but incredible
  9. Saw lots of lovely pieces at Museé d'Orsay
    Monet, my truest of loves
  10. The Eiffel Tower was overwhelmingly lovely
  11. My friend Annie and I talked about life while the tower was lit up beautifully
    A moment I'll never forget
  12. We kept getting on the wrong train and it took us 2 hours to get home
    Good grief
  13. Dressed like a punk rock kindergarten teacher
    Gotta give Paris my best
  14. Went to Mass at Sacre Couere
    Cried and spoke French.
  15. Ate a macaroon
    And talked about life again
  16. Watched the cute lil French kids play
    Their little voices were so cute and they're all so fashionable
  17. Fell in love with Montmartre
    Lowkey where Picasso and Van Gogh and a million other artists used to live and hang out like okay?? I'm not freakin out??
  18. Said farewell to my travel pal who already feels like an old friend
    Traveling together bonds ya it's true
  19. Took the correct train to the airport
    And felt like I'd mastered the system
  20. Watched Amélie at the airport
    And my heart was full!
  21. I didn't get to see @Lisa_Fav sadly but she gave me so many good tips and was so helpful and lovely!
  22. Until next time Paris, merci beaucoup