I love photo lists
  1. I'm at prime happiness whenever I'm with my best friend, my person, my sister. We are essentially the same human in the ways that matter. I kinda look like a squirrel though¿
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  2. This coffee shop holds so many beautiful memories. I'm happy whenever I'm here. Come to Colorado and come here.
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  3. Lol this girl is the funniest human that exists. I'm gonna force her to join this perfect app.
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  4. I'd just driven to Wyoming with my lovely best friend for a country music concert (ugh) but we had so so much fun. This photo captures my joy.
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  5. MINI CHOCO MILK. This was on a road trip to Missouri and our car had broken down but it was actually so fun 💯
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  6. Whenever Harry's around, I'm the happiest I've ever been.
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  7. My entire trip to New York with my superb mother lady was prime happiness time. @Kristalista
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  8. That time we flew to Detroit and arrived at 4 am and I was so tired!!! And confused!!! But still pumped!!!
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  9. Amusement parks do, in fact, amuse me.
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  10. Concerts at The Moxi (the venue of my first solo concert performance 💕)
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  11. Wonderfully decorated pianos in cute lil (or big) cities!
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  12. Babies!!!!
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  13. That concludes photos of me at my happiest or photos of things that always put me at prime happiness. I keep saying the word prime and I apologize.