The amount of plot holes in this film was UNREAL. I mean, I don't know what I expected but I didn't think I'd have so many damn questions.
  1. What happened with Mike's fiancé?
    Did she HAVE eyes??
  2. How did the yogurt truck get fixed so quickly?
    And who paid for the paint job? And why was Tobias allowed to drive after getting a major concussion?
  3. Why the hell was Megan's mom fine with Megan bringing home a bunch of male strippers?
    She wants to let her "play the field." I get it. But, a bunch of strippers? That can't be safe. I know they're good guys but she wasn't sure. All I'm saying is that it was risky.
  4. Did the guy that plays Brad from "HIMYM" end up being with the "glass slipper" woman?
    I feel like they had to end up together.
  5. Why did the movie end with Magic Mike just looking longingly at fireworks??
  6. I have about 43 more questions but I've exerted enough energy yelling about Channing's latest dance-a-thon.