Know urself
  1. I reason my way out of going to class ALL THE TIME
    To be fair, attendance isn't mandatory at this university which makes it very hard to convince myself to walk 25 minutes in the harsh cold of Eastern Europe
  2. I will sleep until 11 am and then take a nap at 2 pm
  3. On the days I somehow manage to get myself to class, I just read and write lists and text my friends the entire time
    I'm sorry, professor. It's not your teaching. I just have the focusing ability of a ripe plum
  4. I put in the bare minimum effort to get good grades
    I very rarely go above and beyond. Very rarely. Even though I'm perfectly capable
  5. I'd rather just be writing music idk
    Let me live
  6. I put off going to the market
    And merely eat bread w jam for all my meals?
  7. I've put off getting my visa for a full month
    I have time before they throw me out of the country but I should've just done this forever ago
  8. I've received so many kind and wonderful letters from my friends and family
    And haven't sent anything back because I'm scared of the post office ladies and not knowing how to communicate with them
  9. lol that's all for today