Inspired by @nantea
  1. On the morning of my 18th birthday, I cried myself to sleep
    Ugh this is so sad
  2. As we change
    Song idea maybe? Or perhaps I was fascinated by personalities always changing
  3. I just had a dream that I was road tripping to a 5SOS concert with the 5SOS boys and my friend Josh
    Always write down your dreams, folks! Dreams are an enigma
  4. Wish List:
    The first item is a vinyl record player
  5. I met you 42 weeks ago
  6. I have nipples that look like daddy long legs so that's what I'm working with
    A quote from a comedy show I went to and it made me laugh so hard that I wrote it down
  7. There are lots of things I want in this world and you've always been one of them
    Lyric idea
  8. Everything around us is falling apart
  9. Girls:
    My list 'o baby names. The first name is Norah
  10. How is God involved in your life?
    Questions for a small group I was leading. Pretty vague question. You can do better than that, Anna.
  11. Terrarium Tattoo
    The place I'll probably get my first tattoo if my mom ever stops being so weird about what I put on MY body
  12. Watch:
    A list of movies to watch. The first is "The Village."
  13. F C
    Ukulele chords to the "Somebody to Lava" song from the beginning on "Inside Out" that my aunt forced me to learn and play for her today