Aw thank you lovely @shanaz for this request!
  1. To sum up the food in Lithuania, one word can be used
  3. Everything is potatoes
  4. Potato pancakes
  5. Potatoes dumplings
  6. That makes up most of the menu
  7. Every restaurant serves these items
  8. They also have a few interesting things such as:
  9. Cold beet soup
    I've been too afraid to try this
  10. Ceburekas
    A pastry with meat in the middle. I ate these with some weird, mysterious cider. They're quite good
  11. They also have lots of really incredible pizza
    I've eaten that a lot
  12. As you can see here
  13. They don't have peanut butter at the market though
    And that breaks my young heart
  14. So I'm on a mission to find it.
    I'll keep y'all posted