Inspired by @seyi ⭐️
  1. Adrianna:
    My legal first name. Haven't gone by this since kindergarten. I thought I could switch between Anna and Adrianna every school year but apparently people remember your name from year to year. Who knew?? Not me when I was 6 that's for sure. But anyway, Anna is just easier and it's much more me! People mispronounce Adrianna every time and it stresses me out.
  2. Mahy:
    My middle name. It's my mom's middle name and my grandmother's maiden name. It's pronounced "May" and I love how it's spelled. I adore sharing the name with two of my favorite humans. This name is incredibly important to me. My oldest daughter will have Mahy as her middle name. Mahy 💕
  3. Mary:
    My confirmation name because of the lovely Mary Magdalene. Don't really use this in writing my name but it's technically been a part of it since 8th grade.
  4. Fiedler:
    My father's last name. Even though my parents got divorced when I was super young, my mom kept her last name as Fiedler so that she'd have the same last name as her kiddos and people would associate her with us. Pretty beautiful I think. With that said, it's pronounced like "Fiddler" and people call me "Fiddler on the Roof" sometimes.