Why do I put myself in these situations why why why. Maybe for the adrenaline rush. Probably not.
  1. 2 pm: Left my second of four Thanksgivings early to start reading the novel that I was supposed to be reading for two weeks
  2. 3-6:30 pm: Attempted to read the novel, incredibly distracted by One Direction looking fly as hell on the red carpet
  3. 6:35-10:30 pm: Took an absurdly long break of going to church, eating fabulous soup, staring at this boy I'm suuuper attracted to, watching the AMAs (best part of the day)
  4. 10:45 pm: Got into my paper writing outfit
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    Why is this my paper writing outfit? I don't know shut up
  5. 11-12:30 am: I don't even know how this much time passed by. Social media, you devil
  6. 12:30-4 am: Read the novel whilst taking 5 minute naps after each chapter
  7. 4-5 am: Started writing my paper and wrote the world's best (and tiredest) intro paragraph
  8. 5-8:40 am: Accidentally fell asleep when I only intended to quick nap for 1.5 hours
  9. 8:40-10:23 am: Woke up in a hustle and wrote an entire paper
  10. 10:50 am: Arrived at the library and submitted and printed my essay
    Had an angry and frightened expression on my face
  11. 10:58 am: Showed up to class two minutes before it ended and handed that paper in. Hell yeah
  12. 11 am: Entered the delirious stage of exhaustion
    I'm still in it !!!