1. It was a Monday.
    I had a long, long day of finals and working. Work was INSANE because it's the holidays and I work at a shop where we ship packages so you can see how that'd be wild.
  2. It was time for me to go home!
    I was waiting for one of the computers so I could clock out.
  3. THEN
  4. He walked in
    The most beautiful man I've ever seen. He had dreads and the kindest eyes.
  5. I was taken aback and couldn't stop staring
    And neither could he!
  6. He peeked his head around the corner and we had v long and v intense eye contact.
  8. He smiled at me with so much warmth that my heart caught flame.
    I smiled back obviously. Probably my most genuine smile to date.
  9. I couldn't just wait until he left to leave because that would be suspicious and also weird. So I clocked out, departed, and called one of my best friends to leave a voicemail about the man I'd fallen in love with. A voicemail about the man I'd now call Dread Love.
    I thought about him all evening
  10. I promised myself that if I came to pick up the next day (today) I would tell him how attractive I think he is.
  11. I anxiously waited all day today. 4 pm was the money hour.
    I could see Dread Love again!
  12. But there were 2 UPS pickup guys and neither were Dread Love.
    Agony. True agony.
  13. When will I see his kind eyes and warm smile again?
  14. WHEN?!