Love this request. V honored.
  1. Eating Fruit Snacks @ 1:44 am
    Classic. Everyone relates
  2. I'm In Love With So Many Guys
    Timeless. Each verse is about a different man and the song lasts for 14 minutes
  3. My Dad Sucks
    Heartbreaking slow jam
  4. Just Five More Minutes
    A song about sleepin
  5. My Roommate Is Bald
    People think this one is a parody but it's NOT. I'm no Weird Al. This is my life
  6. Wish I Was Somewhere Else
    Another classic.
  7. Fell In Love At An Art Museum
    People will play this at their weddings for decades
  8. I'm Late To This Event
    People play this when they're late as a hilarious ice breaker.
  9. Lipstick On My Teeth
    Always stuck in everyone's head. So damn catchy. Never leaves just like the liPSTICK ON MY TEETH
  10. George Lopez
    The love song of our generation
  11. Clammy Hands
    Cool. Upbeat. Only a little embarrassing when it starts playing as your ringtone.
  12. Slow Clap
    Unironically incredible
  13. Staring At You From Across the Room
    Endearing and not at all creepy
  14. Hedgehug
    A tribute to the greatest book I've ever read about two hedgehog pals who can't hug each other because they're too prickly ❤️