I passionately love. None of that lukewarm nonsense
  1. Fruit snacks
    ONLY: sharks, dinos, Curious George, fruit smiles NOT: Scooby Doo, princess. There is a gigantic difference between the two sub-categories so don't mess around with your fruit snack gift purchasing.
  2. One Direction
    I thought it was a phase I'd grow out of but who am I kidding? Those fools are my home.
  3. Sushi
    Dear family, please stop making fun of me for this very normal food I love. What's their problem with seafood? Ugh out loud
  4. Rain
    It was raining this evening and I screamed with aggressive joy. Then I proceeded to blast music out of a car and danced in it. It's cleansing and it's beautiful.
  5. Naps
    Just thinking about 'em gets me feeling all warm inside. I used to resent naps. I was denying myself so much goodness.
  6. Crocs
    I love them both ironically and legitimately somehow. I don't own any but I vaguely wish I did. I had a Croc-shaped phone holder once that I think about often.
  7. Making lists I guess?
    This app has become my life source. I never stop talking about it and I don't think I ever will.