Life is very new at the moment
  1. Killing bugs
    There are no screens on the windows here so some WEIRD buggers have made their home in my home. But I have no fear now. I even have a special towel with which to kill.
  2. Yoga
    It's new for me but so far I ADORE the practice. It's so calming and beautiful and incredibly effective
  3. Exploring
    The city center is so fascinating to me and I love discovering areas of it that I've never been to. I love trying new restaurants and coffee shops and taking pictures of everything
  4. Walking
    I walk EVERYWHERE. And I love it. It gives me so much time to think and reflect and take in everything around me. I've also gotten so toned because of my constant cardio hell yeah.
  5. Being brave
    I have to do things that scare me every single day because I'm in a strange place where I hardly know anyone. But I'm growing so much!
  6. Journaling
    Lots of time to think here and lots of time to try and put my thoughts on paper
  7. Praying
    I've had so much time to be in the Word and talk to God. It's been so beautiful and I'm really grateful for it.
  8. Resting
    Back home, my life was non-stop. Here, I have so much time to just be. It means a lot to me and it's helped me to learn to take care of myself both physically and mentally!