lol I am late to the party constantly I apologize
  1. My upcoming travels!!!
    I have trips planned to Italy, Austria, and Sweden and I'm so EXCITED. In Italy and Austria, I get to see some of my best pals so I'm real pumped.
  2. Thanksgiving!
    I love Thanksgiving and I'm quite sad I don't get to spend it with my family but I get to spend it in Stockholm which will be a grand adventure I'm sure!
  3. Christmas!!!
    Omg I could cry I'm so excited. Mostly because I fly home two days before Christmas and I just get launched into the most festive days of the year. I also get to go on a high speed shopping spree in which I have to buy presents for everyone in one singular evening yikes wow yikes. And I get to see all the people I love and adore! And we just get to eat good food and love each other. 💕
  4. Moving into a new house!
    I'm moving into this place called the Joy House and it's this cute cute lil house where 7 other college girls who love the Lord live. And it's a block away from my best friend's house. And I'm very excited to live in a house that isn't my parents and I'm VERY excited to not live in a dorm.
  5. New Years!!!
    My favorite holiday of all time. I could probably make a list on why I love New Years so much. In fact, I will. The point is I'm so excited for New Years!
  6. Falling in love!
    I don't know who it'll be with or when, but I feel it coming soon. So hell yeah I'm looking forward to that!
  7. And so many other things!!
  8. Life is beautiful and exciting and there's always something to look forward to!