Inspired by @socks
  1. Is only attracted to men that look like dads
  2. Has to take antacids after every single meal
  3. Writes seven page papers the night before they're due
  4. Claims to appreciate criticism but gets really defensive every time she receives some
  5. Drinks iced beverages in four seconds flat
  6. Goes on trips and forgets to tell her family
  7. Constantly busy
  8. Never brushes her hair
  9. Is a reckless driver
  10. Is both overly confident and tragically insecure
  11. Knows that caffeine adds to her anxiousness and still drinks coffee every day
  12. Despises cats
  13. Will write songs about you if you're being mean
  14. Likes at least 3 guys at ALL TIMES
  15. Loves to sing in front of lots of people but will only do it when asked
  16. Doesn't approach attractive men
    Merely stares at them from afar and majorly hopes they'll catch the hint
  17. Will not respond to texts for hours
    Cause I'm nappin