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  1. I always hated these super unflattering polyester shorts.
    The paisley top is pretty cool through.
  2. I love this shade of green.
    The placement of the huge pair of underpants is interesting.
  3. This is the kind of dress that looked good on thin young models, but the only people who wore them were much older and more matronly.
    Bonus: super thick polyester!
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She always gets kibble but I like to give her a bit of canned food on top. Sometimes I run out of canned food so I make substitutions.
  1. Fried egg
    She likes fried eggs.
  2. Peanut butter filled pretzels
    She likes these too.
  3. Campbell's chicken noodle soup, undiluted
    Most popular dinner item ever.
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  1. Vintage 1960s Marimekko fabric
    Same print as a curtain my mother made when I was young. Except in green.✳️
  2. Green bangle bracelet that may or may not be Bakelite.
    I like it either way.
  3. Vintage Singer hemstitcher, blind hem, zigzagger and tucker attachments.
    All in original boxes.
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In alphabetical order.
  1. Claudine
  2. Dolly
  3. Gomez
  4. Spider
  1. Google+
    The only thing it's good for is uploading pictures.
  2. Bing
    I can't really remember anything about it except it was hard to use.
  3. Peach
    You can draw stuff. It was "hot" for literally 24 hours. Then it was "not."
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My name is Anna which used to be one of those names you couldn't find on stuff in souvenir stores. It had a resurgence of popularity in the '90s and I'm still not used to the fact that other people have the same name as me.
  1. This girl:
    Most of the gifs are of this person whose name I did not know before. (I'm guessing it's Anna.) I recognize her but I don't know what her last name is.
  2. Then of course, her:
    She pronounces her name the other way. The only people who pronounce it that way are either European or pretentious.
  3. And finally:
    This one again. The most popular Anna of all time apparently.
Just trying to figure it out.
  1. I made an open list.
    By pressing the plus sign. Does that mean that others can add to it?
  2. This is a very short list.
    So far.
  3. I liked my own list.
    You can do that. I did.
  4. It just works
    Especially if you use lists in other parts of your life
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  1. Dolly waiting to drive me home.
  2. A perfect rose from the new rose bushes. None will ever be this perfect.
  3. The cats on their eating table. When they're all in a row like this I play them like a glockenspiel.
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