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A list to be continues
  1. Steward Cafe: oldest collective in Minneapolis. Had damn good soup, bread, and coffee. Grunge vibe.
  2. Boneshaker Books: dropped $15 on queer zines so here we are!!!
  1. I have put 70,000 miles on my car in the past few years, I wonder have many miles I've put on my feet
  2. I'm wearing Sloth socks rn, who let me leave the house
  3. I have spent so much time alone in airports in the last five years. What does that say about me
3 more...
  1. Straight couples
  2. The skunk I killed last night (RIP Skunky)
  3. This
  1. I hit a skunk and it died
  2. I have 15 page paper due tomorrow
  1. Turn in 600 word response
  2. Poli sci stupid fucking journal response
  3. Wrote 2 pages of the paper from hell due Thursday
7 more...
  1. Having a bunch of people sleep at my house Wednesday night
  2. That no one is going to show up to this conference on Thursday and I feel all types of ways about being complicit in this academic shit show
  3. Getting to the airport on Saturday
7 more...
while I sit in Soils Lab
  1. This
  2. And
  3. This
10 more...
  1. Sending emails
  2. Sleeping through my alarm
  3. Eating bagels
3 more...