Whittling away at their vinyl collection, bit by bit...
  1. Blue, Joni Mitchell
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  2. American Graffiti Soundtrack
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    It's actually called "41 Original Hits from The Sound Track Of American Graffiti." Look at that cover!!
  3. Déjà vu, CSNY
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  4. Rhapsody in Blue / An American in Paris
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  5. James Bond 007 13 Original Themes
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  6. War of the Worlds broadcast
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  7. The Pink Panther, Henry Mancini
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  8. Piano Man, Billy Joel
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    That cover is the stuff of nightmares, but I can't resist.
  9. 52nd Street, Billy Joel
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  10. The Stranger, Billy Joel
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  11. Amadeus soundtrack
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    50% for the liner notes / pics of Tom Hulce.
  12. (Half of) Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder
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    I'll be reuniting it with the other half.