You'd never know it to look at me now (boobZ) but I've played a LOT of dudes in shows. Arranged chronologically, starting in 4th grade, with pics when available:
  1. Jack, Into The Woods
    At Girl Scout Camp.
  2. Corin, As You Like It
    Oneida Middle School. I had a real live sheep onstage with me.
  3. Feste, Twelfth Night
    Middle school again. This one had a disco theme and I wore a top hat.
  4. Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Twelfth Night
    Eight grade. Caribbean theme. I wore a pith helmet.
  5. Olin Britt, The Music Man
    Just to be clear, that's a member of the barbershop quartet. And that's @erinmallorylong with me!
  6. Miller the Lab Assistant, Waiting for Lefty
    For my first production in acting school, I was so committed to my ART that I BOUND MY BREASTS. Where's my Tony?!
  7. Aeneas, Troilus and Cressida
    In rehearsals, people called me "Anus." I founded Rome, you fuckers.
  8. Choragus, Antigone
    This one is supposed to be a whole CHORUS of men.
  9. Also, if you asked me to sing "Summer Lovin'" or "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," I'm always gonna sing the guy part. Always.