21 random roles. Not enough heart emojis in the world.
  1. Ed Wood, Ed Wood
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    Caveat: my type is "struggling artists from Poughkeepsie."
  2. Cry-Baby, Cry-Baby
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    Every time another guy looked at you, Cry-Baby would fight him. Then he'd sing a song.
  3. Raphael, The Brave
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    His hair is the only thing that matters. And the fact that he's willing to sacrifice his life for his family. Whatever.
  4. Roux, Chocolat
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    Mysterious foreigner who supports your candy habit. Yup.
  5. Gilbert Grape, What's Eating Gilbert Grape
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    You know he's gonna be a good bf. He's so nice to lil' Leo.
  6. Officer Tom Hanson, 21 Jump Street
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    He's got a good job, the face of an angel, and your parents will love him.
  7. J. M. Barrie, Finding Neverland
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    Smart. Loves kids. British accent. Done.
  8. Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow
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    Nerdy but hot.
  9. Joe Pistone, Donnie Brasco
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    Takes his work home with him. I bet he's got a lot of frustration to work out IFYAKNKOWWHATIMEAN
  10. Bon Bon, Before Night Falls
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    You can trade clothes!
  11. Sweeney Todd, Sweeney Todd
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    He's SERIOUSLY LOYAL. But he miiiiiiight accidentally kill you and everyone you know. I'll risk it.
  12. Abberline, From Hell
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    If the drugs and whores don't bother you too much, this guy could clean up ok. And he's super smart.
  13. Jack, Private Resort
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    There are worse things than dating a teenage horndog. There are also better things.
  14. William Blake, Dead Man
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    I'm not really into the strong, silent, murder-y type.
  15. Lieutenant Victor, Before Night Falls
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    He probably gets a pension? And you'd never have to wait for a table anywhere in Havana.
  16. George Jung, Blow
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    Coke is like, so uncool. Next.
  17. Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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    Never wants to introduce you to his friends.
  18. Glen, Nightmare on Elm Street
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    He can't even figure out how NOT to get eaten by his bed.
  19. Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean 1-1,000,000
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    Always on the road. Definitely has scurvy.
  20. Rochester, The Libertine
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    His nose falls off from syphilis.
  21. The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland
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    I'd rather date a man with no nose than be in the same room as this psychopath.