I should probably just Google these.
  1. Reading lots of books as a kid makes you a better person.
    Something about empathy maybe?
  2. The U.S. doesn't even send people into space anymore.
    I think a fictional TV character said this.
  3. You should eat vegetables before meat.
    Something to do with digestion.
  4. Lifting weights and stretching causes lots of little tears in your muscles.
    Probably why it hurts so much.
  5. When you put chocolate in the fridge that's bad.
    In what way? No idea, but this one sucks because I do it all the time.
  6. You shouldn't hug your dog.
    They don't seem happy about it in photos.
  7. Some Jellyfish live forever.
    I think I heard this from Stephen Fry so it's probably legit.
  8. Resting the day after a tough workout when you're really sore is actually worse than working out through the soreness.
    It's counterintuitive and I gravitate toward facts that seem like they should be the opposite.
  9. Redheaded men are more likely to go bald then grey.
    Pretty sure my mom told me this, but she hates gingers and this may be her way of getting me to not marry one.
  10. You're more likely to die falling out of bed than by a shark attack.
    This one seems true. I encounter way more beds than sharks.