1. You have to pack a lot of things
    That's the time you realize you actually need to have 10 elastics with you since half of them will eventually get lost
  2. Driving
    Fun when you're an experienced driver or passenger and if you don't drive longer than 2 hours. Otherwise: exhausting
  3. There are probably a lot of people
    Because they all want to have a nice trip
  4. It's expensive
    Food, Drinks, Boats, guided tours ...
  5. It's noisy
    Because people tend to be awkwardly loud
  6. Searching things
    You have to search a lot: toilets, restaurants, parking spaces, sunscreen since you forgot yours at home, fun
  7. You see a lot of naked skin you don't want to see
    Summer Edition
  8. Planning your whole day
    Okay let's eat first, then go swimming, then go to the gallery, but wait, when's the gallery closed, let's go there first, but we would have to wait 30 mins at the busstation, so maybe we can find a bakery ...
  9. Taking photos
    One is never enough
  10. Walking
    Because we are not here for fun, we are here to see things
  11. Driving back
    Actually nice since you finally get some rest (if you're the passenger)
  12. Static
    my last trip to the falconry (it was awesome, but still)