Because of listaversary and I'm feeling sentimental but also I need to tell all my friends who live in my phone about my life 🤗
  1. I left Auburn (my home & college town for the last 3 years) and decided to move home.
    Literally, sick in my friend's bed after landing from a flight from Chicago to ATL I woke up the next morning and just knew I needed to move home. Unbelievable moment.
  2. Got back together with my ex boyfriend!
    Which was so incredible for likeeee a month and a half, but then...
  3. Broke up with my ex boyfriend!
    Lots of issues there, perhaps for a later list. BUT lots of repressed emotions and anger were dealt with and dealt away with. The best feeling.
  4. Started at a new University in my hometown with a whole new major.
    Some of you might have been privileged enough to read all about my meltdown about my future over the fall/spring. If so, my greatest apologies to you and yours. I am the worst.
  5. Started a major that I LOVE, by the way: Behavioral Science.
  6. Got my meds figured out!
  7. Quit my job I had a home.
    "Boy bye" my attitude toward Old Navy harder than I've ever felt anything.
  8. Decided I am going to go to grad school! To get my masters! In clinical psychology! Or rehabilitative counseling! (Specifics between the two are iffy for particular reasons that there might be a list about later? Who knows?)
    And YES this is absolutely going to be something I'm sticking to, granted I can actually get into grad school sooooo fingers crossed (somebody wanna tell me why I was promised a fingers crossed emoji with this iOS update and never got one????)
  9. ^ To become a therapist/counselor, btw.
    For lots of reasons for another list.
  10. I still write on the occasion:
    And also on a fanfic my friend and I are working on bc WHY NOT
  12. Basically, things are finally shaping up. Like really shaping up. Like, not like when you tell yourself that but you know pieces are actually missing and you're trying to convince yourself of it. But actually the feeling of: Your life IS and WILL BE awesome and you're doing a GREAT job. That feeling. A new feeling for me, for sure.
  13. And I don't know if any of you are particularly religious, but because of this I just have to tell you all: God is so good and so faithful. I have been carried through some really dark and trying stuff I thought I'd never survive— But instead, because of Him, I'm out here kicking butt and taking names.
  14. Thank you, friends that live inside my phone and have listened to me when I check in from time to time. I am SO glad I can share these things with you. You make my heart more filled with love each time I remember you all are here 💗💓💞