I just want to keep making lists today. I don't really have interesting body art, but whatever.
  1. Three holes, right ear.
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    Feat. Woodstock poster and Gone w the Wind poster. Also, y'all have any idea how hard it is to take a pic of your ear? Anyway: First hole @ age 7 (it is droopy bc I moved when she pierced me) Second hole @ 18 (it was my birthday present) Third hole @ 21 (I was depressed over a boy and my friend pierced it. It reminds me to not be an idiot)
  2. Cartilage, left ear.
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    My cartilage was my first act of rebellion @ 19. My mom was so mad at me and I'll never forget her whisper screaming at me because she was at my Gramma's and it was 1 in the morning so she couldn't be loud. She still hates it, I still don't.
  3. Tattoo, right side, ribs.
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    Honestly it needs to be touched up so bad but I don't know if I can endure it again 🙊 My Gramma wrote me cards my whole life, even sending them to me when I was at college. She would usually write "Love you" or "Love ya" but on one card (her last Christmas with us) she wrote this. Underneath it is lavender, because her whole house always smelled subtly of it and also her favorite color was purple (which you can hardly see 😩😩😩)