I can't remember who started this, bc I am late on the bandwagon. I am v allergic to gluten and I have been SO GOOD lately 🙌🏻 But your girl ❤️'s some Mickey D's. And I want some real, real bad rn. I am resisting so hard: So instead of eating, I will list.
    Fight me, idc. It's sausage and two pancake type buns that CONTAIN SYRUP. They are truly a modern marvel and a culinary jewel. I treasure them and I think of them constantly. I could say more, but I think you've heard enough.
  2. Filet O' Fish
    No cheese. That bun= 🙌🏻 That fish= 🙌🏻 That tartar sauce= 🙌🏻 Sign me up, I'm always ready for one of these.
  3. Double Cheeseburger
    Anybody who says the extra piece of cheese difference between the McDouble and the Double Cheeseburger doesn't make a difference is l y i n g to you. Lying.
  4. Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese
    I just, okay. You get the perfect ratio of onion to ketchup on one of these and you might as well pack it in for a while, bc you won't be eating that good for a long time.
  5. Chicken Biscuit
    Being primarily from the south, I believe the chicken biscuit is a thing of beauty and artistic value. While it is not the best chicken biscuit in the world (#1 : The gas station down the street from my house & #2 : Bojangles) it is delicious all the same.
  6. Fries
    "Has your mother ever made anything as good as a McDonald's fry? Not even close." Jim Gaffigan, and me. Dipped in fancy ketchup. Makes a difference. Again, fight me. Idc.
  7. Apple Pie
    10/10 professional bakers prefer McDonald's apple pies to homemade. Not a real stat, but it probably is.
  8. Hamburger
    Classic. Bread, ketchup, onions, pickle, meat, bread. McDonald's in its purest form.
  9. McNuggets
    Dipped in only a choice from the following options: Honey mustard, hot and spicy mustard, sweet and sour, sweet chili (do they still have this? It's been so long), or ketchup. I tried and discovered perfection so you wouldn't have to.
  10. Big Mac
    W extra middle bread. Those of you who CAN eat the middle bread and CHOOSE not to are ANIMALS because it's EXTRA BREAD for FREE. (I have reached the end of my list and am angry I can eat none of these things, so I'm sorry) The shredded lettuce on this is genius. Big Mac sauce is genius.
  11. *Honorable mentions*
  12. Coke
    Coca Cola. Works wonders for an upset stomach, FYI. But also works wonders as the perfect complimentary drink to your meal. Or to just drink. Whenever.
  13. Hot fudge sundae
    They used to put fudge on top and on bottom, but you can still ask for it that way 😇😇😇
  14. Fruit & Yogurt Parfait
    These are seriously good. Idk what else to say. I love them and if you've never had one, try one. Add the granola. It's a good thing.
  15. Oatmeal
    Alright, I'm gross and I'm SORRY but man is this stuff good. A pinch of salt and two Splenda packets makes it perfect. I am a monster, I just realized as I typed that.