1. Okay so maybe this is an overshare but I do not care!
  2. I've been in this psycho cycle of dating the same guy every couple of years since I was 15 (one day once I am very sure he will never find this account I will write a list about him but today ain't that day)
  3. And I had a few dumb high school boyfriends inbetween
  4. And one instance where I fell for my best friend a few years ago
    We cool now tho if anyone's creepin what's up
  5. So... Basically I'm almost 23 and I've never been on a date with somebody who I didn't know or date in high school.
  6. I've been asked but I've always been too nervous.
  7. Or too sure that it wouldn't work out bc I was sure I had already found my ~~~~soul mate~~ or whatever
  8. And anyway, I'm feelin pretty good about myself these days and I've been doing the tinder circuit
    Bc I live in North Alabama and for as big as it's getting ain't no way I'm going to meet anybody I don't already know if I go the traditional route plus everyone uses tinder so why am I justifying this???
  9. So basically, idk why I'm really writing this list. Just basically that I DONT KNOW HOW TO DATE.
  10. And I also don't know if tinder dates are embarrassing???
  11. And also I just slowly came to the realization tonight that I'm 23 and my dating history is abysmal
  12. Perhaps I will just not care but rather, die alone:)