1. Okay so I'm pale
  2. V v v v pale
  3. Bc I am Norwegian
    But I am also Greek & Italian so lots of times I just look like a vampire bc pale skin but v dark features
  4. Anyway I like to have a little color bc my legs are literally translucent (you can see my veins lol)
  5. So I got this self tanning spray....from Walgreens that was on clearance
    I know this is the part where I should've realized it was going to be bad.j ... But clearly judgement is not my strong suit
  6. ***do you know how this ends???? I know you do***
  7. Static
  8. I look like I have leprosy
  9. I cannot show you my feet it's simply too terrible
  10. ISO: New skin
  11. Help me