1. @readjulia recently posed the question: How much would it cost to order everything on the Taco Bell menu?
  2. And I, avoiding studying like the professional I am, took it upon myself to calculate this very thing.
  3. Now, these are the prices listed on Taco Bell's website (which vary based upon location.)
  4. It does not account for chicken instead of ground beef.
    So basically, this is the cheapest version of everything on the menu. It would've been too hard to do otherwise. I'm bored but I'm not THAT bored.
  5. And even the weird things I didn't know you could order.
    Like a side of chips and guac?!
  6. It also counts each drink individually.
  7. Also, one of each combo. Again at the base, cheapest price.
  8. So yes, there are duplicates of certain items that are ordered alacarte and then are parts of combos.
    But I think that's what's implied by one of everything on the menu. Meaning they would ring you up for one chalupa and a chalupa combo if you asked, I'm pretty sure.
  9. Anyway:
  10. $628.91
  11. To order everything on Taco Bell's menu.
  12. Start saving, people.