Bc I have nothing left to list about today my captions aren't funny bc I'm tired but the pics are :~)
  1. An old pic of me my BFF photoshopped onto a turtle
  2. Idk
  3. This will be how I meet my death
  4. Pic I snapped inside of a cost cutters hair style photo book
  5. Signs your cat is about to leave you
    Sent to my friend a few weeks after her cat ran away probably in poor taste but she probably didn't like it that much
  6. A man I go to church with and Don from Monsters University
    Aka identical twins
    "Pam come rub some butter on my foot." "No Michael." "Please? I have country crock."
  8. Me Halloween circa probably 2001?
  9. This guy commented on my friend's engagement post and said Congarts
    Aka my favorite typo ever. I now only say congarts. Also, what's with the period? Sounding actually happy would've been too much? Okay
  10. When my BFF passed her last HESI
    So I turned her into Florence Nightingale bc she was going to be a nurse
  11. Found on the back of a visitors card in a pew at church
    I have zero ZERO explanation for this catastrophe
  12. Presented without commentary
  13. Again without commentary
  14. This guy I went to high school with is part of a Mime Ministry
    Idk how this is a thing and I'm sorry I'm laughing at it but seriously cmon
  15. A real thing I actually saw on FB from my towns yard sale page
  16. Sorry not sorry
  17. Me irl
    And me 101% of the time
  18. My fandoms collide
  19. If only amirite