1. Chicago
    This is cheating bc I am from Chicago. Ok not actually "from" Chicago in that it isn't where I technically call home. But I lived there till I was 4 and went back so frequently to see my family. I love it there and sometimes look up Chicago apartments in my free time lol
  2. Greece
    Ok so my family (my mother's side, the Foropoulos's) own a lot of vineyard land on the island of Patmos. I have tons of family over there!! BONUS: My great grandfather was killed by the Greek mafia in Memphis because he was going to return to Greece to claim the land.
  3. Norway
    I am 1/4 Norwegian. When my great grandfather was of-age, he was given the option to choose between his given last name (Peterson) or the name of his town to be his last name. He chose Selsvik, the name of his town, and also my last name. It's a place and it's weird that that's a thing lol
  4. India
    But not like urban India? I would just love to experience Indian culture in a raw setting. Make sense??
  5. Israel
    To walk where Jesus walked would be the ultimate
  6. Italy
    I am also 12.5% Sicilian so it would be pretty dope to go to Italy
  7. New York
    Never been, afraid I would go and never come back lol
  8. San Francisco
    I feel like I would fit in/work really well in San Francisco. Idk why but I just do so I would like to go here. Maybe stay oops
  9. Paris
    I've had an odd obsession with the aesthetic of the Eiffel Tower for a long time and I just really need to go see it in person🗼
  10. Africa
    I would love to do charitable or mission work in Africa but to also just experience that culture. Maybe one day :-)