1. I joined the list app (and I will call it this because that's what it was when I started and that's what I know it as) at the end of last year.
  2. I was going through a really hard time in my life and list became my comfort place. I had friends here. I had support here.
  3. I had all these things on this little app at a time in my life when I felt all alone in my real life.
  4. I've felt guilty in the past months as I've left list app behind for my real life as my real life improved...
  5. Like it was a friend I abandoned after I didn't need it anymore.
  6. Ive opened and closed the app so many times over the past few weeks going to update everyone on things with me. (Do you all care? Did I imagine it for comfort?) Or just random thoughts.
  7. But there are people I would think about often— Like @k8mcgarry @kcupcaker @nantea @EmilyAnnA @brightlyanna
  8. And I thought about @biz
  9. Old friends I abandoned after I didn't need them anymore.
  10. So I feel strange, confused, sad, and guilty tonight after finding out about biz. In my mind there's so many little interactions we had buzzing around... Lists of hers I remember, details about her family and pictures from her home, or lists she made about her job, and encouraging comments she made to me.
  11. I'm just sad, I guess.
  12. I wish I hadn't left her behind. I wish we had talked more. I hope she knows I considered her to be a friend.
  13. I hope maybe she knew how big of a difference she made to a really lonely, sad girl who got support from a "popular" listed liking her stuff and interacting with her.
  14. Goodnight, list app.