Work is dead today. I have nothing to do. I work at Old Navy and it's really boring but here are boring pics so you can experience it with me thanks
  1. Me
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    Feat embarrassing pose and 4 hours of sleep
  2. Lifeblood
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    Aka Diet Coke/Dr Pepper mix TRY IT
  3. Denim model I have a crush on
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    I don't mean to be weird but things are getting serious
  4. Water bottle
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    I love Kylo Ren try and stop me u can't
  5. Returns
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    AKA PEOPLE ARE AWFUL and don't want to price returns so they SHOVE THEM UNDER REGISTERS FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME TO FIX its fine I'm fine
  6. Reticketing guns
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    Not very interesting but they do make me feel like a grocery store clerk in 1947
  7. Computer
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    Probably the first computer ever made idk it feels like it anyway
  8. Clothes
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    From here I can see 6 things I own I'm not ashamed