Work is dead today. I have nothing to do. I work at Old Navy and it's really boring but here are boring pics so you can experience it with me thanks
  1. Me
    Feat embarrassing pose and 4 hours of sleep
  2. Lifeblood
    Aka Diet Coke/Dr Pepper mix TRY IT
  3. Denim model I have a crush on
    I don't mean to be weird but things are getting serious
  4. Water bottle
    I love Kylo Ren try and stop me u can't
  5. Returns
    AKA PEOPLE ARE AWFUL and don't want to price returns so they SHOVE THEM UNDER REGISTERS FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME TO FIX its fine I'm fine
  6. Reticketing guns
    Not very interesting but they do make me feel like a grocery store clerk in 1947
  7. Computer
    Probably the first computer ever made idk it feels like it anyway
  8. Clothes
    From here I can see 6 things I own I'm not ashamed