1. I think about this every once in a while and then I think about how much I want to do it still
  2. Does anyone remember that episode of Dawson's Creek where Pacey and Joey are locked in a Kmart all night?
  3. This is the only pic I can find but
  4. Does anyone remember this???
  5. Bc it just seemed so fun
  6. They just explored the Kmart all night bc they were locked in and did all this fun stuff
  7. I just want to spend the night in a Target or something and get to do stuff with all of their stuff???
  8. In the dark??
  9. Ugh it would be so much fun
  10. Especially if I got to do it with Pacey bc what a CUTIE
    Ugh still have a mad crush
  11. Anyway I just really want to spend the night in a supermarket
  12. One sweet day