@k8mcgarry you are a mind reader I promise. I've wanted to do this list for forever and ever so thank you ❤️
  1. Everyone is dumb
    FALSE. Huntsville (right next door to my hometown of Athens, I guess you could say we're a suburb) has the highest per capita concentration of engineers in the country. Additionally, we have more PhD's per capita than any other city in the US.
  2. Everyone is a farmer or a shoeless imbecile.
    FALSE. Huntsville is home to NASA, the Marshall Space Flight Center, Boeing, Redstone Arsenal, along with tons of other engineering firms. I grew up going to church with men who worked on making the mission to the moon possible. Basically, Huntsville is at the center of most all military and space missions and engineering. It's so cool I can't even tell you. Read about it! (Also Huntsville is home of space camp. Free fact.)
  3. Everyone is fat.
    Okay this is kind of true? Like, our obesity rate isn't great. But things are CHANGING! As a person with a severe gluten allergy, I can tell you more and more places that are friendly for me to eat are popping up.
  4. Inbreeding is a thing that actually happens here?
    FALSE. I am not going to lie and say that at some point people here have not married their cousins. But, come on! You know that's not true. And also, it's rude. Knock it off. People aren't inbreeding.
  5. KKK rallies are held every Friday in the middle of our town squares.
    FALSE. Racism is alive and well everywhere, not just in Alabama. And while I cannot lie to you and say that Alabama has a great history in the civil rights movement I can tell you that a vast, vast majority of people have learned from our history. It is honored here and it is emphasized so we don't repeat our mistakes. Change is still happening, I can see it and feel it personally! And that's a great thing. (Picture is a statue in a park in Birmingham. I remember it as a kid and it's beautiful)
  6. All we care about is football.
    TRUE AND WHO CARES BC WE'RE GOOD AT IT! Y'all see my boy Cam Newton in the super bowl this Sunday?! Auburn GRAD people!!! HEISMAN WINNER NFL MVP AUBURN GRAD WAR EAGLE
  7. There is no culture here.
    FALSE. Growing up in Alabama during this time period has been an unreal experience. Culture from other places has come to Alabama in a very real way in the form of food, music, and art. But also, the native culture is rich and vibrant. There is nothing quite like living in a place where dirt backroads and hollers still exists. ❤️
  8. It's all small towns.
    FALSE. Birmingham's growth rate is above the national average by 16%. The Huntsville/Madison/Athens area is among one of the fastest growing in the country. It's a great time to be here.
  9. There's nowhere to shop.
    FALSE. Idk why this feels necessary to mention but I feel like people are always mystified by where I get my clothes or makeup from when I visit Chicago. We have all the stores you have. Probably some more because there's nothing rich, Alabama women love more than a designer. Don't worry, we're fine. (Pictured, the outdoor mall that I frequent when I am home and the corner of the Anthro I miss terribly)
  10. Everyone is stupid (Schools aren't good)
    FALSE. I can't brag enough for 500 characters, so I'll say this: Auburn University is a leader in medical and veterinary research. There's too much to be listed, so check it out here (they discovered and named a new species of spider just today lol): https://cws.auburn.edu/ovpr/ Also, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (a huge medical/dental school) and at Huntsville. I'm sure the University of Alabama is doing good stuff just not better than Auburn 🙃
  11. Extra facts:
  12. This is the courthouse in my hometown of Athens! It's beautiful. Also, located directly off my street that also turns into a county highway! I love that.
  13. @bjnovak visited here so w/e
  14. The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, is an Auburn grad.
  15. Please also look at how beautiful my school is alsl
  16. Helen Keller was from here and she was on a quarter (it was a big deal)
  17. There are more cool people and things but I can't remember them all right now
  18. In conclusion: Yes, I realize Alabama can be a problematic place what with the rebel flag thing and our immense homophobia. But what more can you say about a place that has grown in diversity SO MUCH over a span of just 50+ years. It's encouraging and incredible.
  19. If you have any Alabama questions or concerns, hmu I would love to answer :-)