I'm a bit of a perfume junkie. Your girl likes her some cheap makeup, but never cheap perfume. These are the scents I currently have:
  1. Justin Bieber
    I bought this at Target for $8.47 when I was in a huge pinch and needed to freshen up. Surprisingly great decision and I still wear it pretty frequently. Floral and fruity with a bit of a musk. It's actually quite nice. Way to go Justin 👏🏻
  2. I gave up and started taking pics of them on my desk lol
  3. Philosophy Pure Grace
    I 👏🏻 LOVE 👏🏻 THIS 👏🏻 PERFUME. It literally smells like sunscreen and the beach in the very best way. So fresh and summery. Ugh, I love it. My signature summer scent.
  4. Illume Tonka Noir
    My mom got this for me for my birthday after we found it at Anthro for $7!!! It's the longest lasting perfume I have ever worn. It's incredibly scented with a sort of floral musk that's really unique. Not a scent I think everyone would love but it's very on brand for me.
  5. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
    I got this for Christmas from my mom last year after I had mentioned to her over the summer how much I liked it and she remembered! Taylor can do not wrong esp. with perfumes. I had a small bottle of the "Enchanted" version of this that is also incredible. I can't really describe it except for that it smells like a Taylor Swift perfume.
  6. Coty Muget
    This was the perfume my Gramma wore when I was growing up and until she passed away. My mom got her and me both a bottle shortly after she died. It doesn't smell *just* like her to me, but it's a nice scent and I feel close to her when I wear it.
  7. Lucky, Lucky Number 6
    Haven't worn this one yet as it was just given to me. Much like the last perfume I described but with a bit of a bite to it if that even makes sense?? I like it very much but it's also different.
  8. Coach Poppy
    One of my first perfume loves ❤️ It probably has one spray left in it but I keep it around anyway. Was my signature scent my freshman year of college. Love it.
  9. Heavenly by Victoria's Secret
    Only have this bc it was $10 and I had a $10 for anything birthday coupon this weekend It's clean and fresh but my brother pointed out it smells like Lysol when sprayed directly out and not onto skin, so the verdict is very much still out.
  10. Be Joyful
    Such a nice scent for a body spray. It was Bath and Body Works holiday scent this year and I fell in love with it. Doesn't last a super long time but it leaves a little behind on clothes. I usually just wear this when I go to class. I will miss it 💔
  11. Eucalyptus Spearmint
    Ugh I love this. Got it for $3 when they were introducing it. I keep it right outside my shower and spray it on me when I'm still wet if I take a shower at night. It's so relaxing and nice to smell as you drift off 💤
    (Such a bad pic lol sorry) LET ME TELL YALL ABOUT THIS. Long story short, my aunt came into getting like 50 of these small bottles for free (yes it is genuine) so I've been able to use it for several years. Legit the best perfume in the ENTIRE world. Super expensive so idk how ill afford it when these little bottles are no more but I will FIND A WAY. It is worth the money. Ugh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  13. What's your fave scent? I love trying new ones (obviously) so I'd love to know!!! 🤗