Wherein I will tell you the origins about my picture and sort of brag about my life 🙃
  1. I feel the weird need to ~~come clean~~ about this
  2. On the other half of my profile pic is actually my very best friend, graduating nursing school one semester early
    How cool is that? I can't even w how smart she is
  3. This is also the sign we made her (my idea idc if that's braggy I need credit!!) that I will be laughing about for forever
    Otr we are all a very cute bunch and have been bff's since we were kids and are still super close and talk every day and stuff (the girl on my right actually just moved in w me like a month ago after being in FL for 3 long years and I am too hype about that) I am too lucky 🙂🙂🙂
  4. (Also 2 girls in this pic are named Erin and they literally were in the same class @ school w each other from preschool until they graduated & that's hilarious for forever bc what are the chances)
  5. Anyway
  6. Thought it was important for you all to know my BFF has a job she starts in 3 weeks @ the best hospital in the state at age TWENTY ONE YOU GUYS
  7. And she remains supportive of me and my dreams and changing my major and being in college for forever bc she is awesome
  8. And none of my friends measure my success against hers or theirs bc they value my success individually and that's a very very special thing
    I hope you have friends like this ✨
  9. I just needed you all to know about my irl friends bc they are worth bragging about
  10. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️