1. He loved you because of how you made him feel
  2. And when somebody else made him feel just as good
  3. He didn't need you anymore.
  4. Your time is precious
  5. Valuable.
  6. You are valuable.
  7. Forcing somebody to care about you isn't true care.
  8. Somebody should want to care about you.
  9. You are worth being cared for without having to change yourself for it
  10. Or try for it.
  11. You are important
  12. Whether you're important to him or not.
  13. And you can care about yourself better
  14. In a more healthy way
  15. In a more honest way
  16. Than he ever could.
  17. Because you loved when it wasn't easy
  18. When you weren't loved back.
  19. You forgave
  20. When you weren't asked for forgiveness.
  21. You have a good heart
  22. A kind heart
  23. A loving heart
  24. No matter what he thinks.
  25. Because his opinion doesn't marrer
  26. Your opinion matters.
  27. You matter.
  28. You matter.