The Mindy Project & Emma

Spoilers ahead.
  1. About a month ago I listed about a theory I had about the Mindy Project and asked for those of you who watch the show to let me know so you could see this! Let's get started!
  2. Our dear @mindy is a well documented lover of Jane Austen
    Supported by her numerous statements that support that fact but also her bomb Twitter header.
  3. I don't know about the rest of you but I was BEYOND ready to send Danny Castellano packing.
    I mean, he's like that boyfriend that's bad for you that you only miss because you miss the memories. He's the worst, but you miss when he was the best. RIP Danny and also my love for you.
  4. And so when this season Mindy started drumming up the Jody Kimball Kinney ~~~thing~~~ I was hesitant, but willing.
  5. Originally, this pairing made zero sense to me. I couldn't figure out where Mindy was going... Because, truth be told, it felt so similar to Mindy + Danny that it confused me.
    Along with their opposing views, etc.
  6. I've long held (in my mind) the theory that Mindy Kaling could not and would not write a whole show without Jane Austen touching it in some way...
  7. So, I started to feel like she was Pride and Prejudicing. Danny as Darcy; so proud and blind, but he sees his errors and loves Lizzie aka Mindy all the more for it.
    But that's clearly not working.
  8. I then started to feel a Sense and Sensibility vibe.
    Which, truth be told, could still we'll be where this is going because the two stories are so similar (more in a minute.)
  9. Mindy as Marianne, originally wildly in love with the douche with a heart-of-gold Willoughby/Danny who is ultimately a disappointment— So she turns to Colonel Brandon/Jody, the older and wiser man to whom she can cling that will love her with maturity and stability.
  10. Then I thought about how Mindy doesn't resemble Marianne much in character at all... But you know who she does resemble?
  11. Your girl Emma Woodhouse.
  12. Emma is stubborn, vain, and generally selfish. She redeems herself in that she genuinely cares for others and tries to help them... Even if her help is frequently self-serving.
  13. She falls briefly in love with Frank Churchill. Frank is handsome and appears to be "the perfect gentleman" but is actually a secret jerk.
    RINGING ANY BELLS? 📢📢📢 (Okay he's actually engaged to someone else, which presents a small flaw in this theory but to be fair this is an adaptation, so I feel like it's plausible)
  14. And yet there remains Mr. Knightley, her close friend and honest critic. He is polite, thoughtful, sensitive, not afraid to tell Emma when she's wrong, and actually the perfect gentleman. He is also older than Emma.
    This has to be ringing a bell I refuse to believe it isn't.
  15. Supporting: Emma doesn't realize she's in love with Mr. Knightley until she sees him with someone else/her deal with Churchill starts falling apart.
  16. So there you have it: Emma Woodhouse is Mindy Lahiri. Frank Churchill is Danny Castellano. Jody Kimball Kinney is Mr. Knightley.
  17. I'm so serious about this. And I so hope I'm right. Otherwise this will all be for naught and I will not be the TV whisperer I thought I was.
    HAVE I?!?!?!
  19. Anyway: Discuss, friends!