Inspired by @mindy (w/ pics for your enjoyment of what my things look like but they are not actually my things as I am not home)
  1. Ring holder shaped like the Eiffel tower w/ rings
    (Pic off Internet of actual ring holder but not actual rings)
  2. Pic of me and my Gramma
  3. Decorative wooden "A" my brother got me for my bday
  4. Phone on charger
    One of these curved bad boys but it's hot pink. Literally the best purchase of my life. Not lying.
  5. Chapstick
  6. Water bottle
    Filled up w/ ice
  7. Booklight (the really tiny booklightg brand exclusively)
    Like this one but mint.
  8. Pen & notepad
  9. Sometimes empty wrappers of things I have eaten before bed
    Common offenders include: m&m's, string cheese, or 100 calorie almond packs