1. Curling my hair
    I can't use a curling iron bc I am a child
  2. Parking
    I can drive just fine but I can't park just fine. See scratches on all 4 corners of my car for proof and sad evidence.
  3. Not pretending to be Blair Waldorf
    I can't help this one nor do I want to stop.
  4. Making lists
    I love other people's lists but when I go to make one I just can't think of anything worth writing about. Working on this one.
  5. Not wanting junk food 24/7
    I've been thinking about a triple layer burrito pretty much since I woke up this morning.
  6. Doing impressions
    I can't do an impression of anyone no matter how much I try. I have my voice and only my voice.
  7. Saving money
    I'm allergic to budgeting.