1. I am going back to school
  2. I have been home for a month
  3. I am sad
  4. I don't want to leave
  5. Idk why
  6. :(
  7. Just v sad abt this tonight
  8. Will miss my family
  9. And my dog
  10. And my house
  11. :(
  12. This is Leila, my parents chi weenie they adopted from the humane society in Dalton. She has little white stripe on her belly like a skunk! It's so cute!
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    And she loves snuggling so much. She will get down right behind your back if you're laying on the couch! Anyways I found my Felicity bonnet and made her model it 😂😂😂😂
    Suggested by @nantea
  13. And this is my best friend Emily's Shiba Inu bird! We call her birdie and I love her so much but she lives in San Francisco song only see her once a year 😓.
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    Emily is such a protective dog mom omg 😂
    Suggested by @nantea