Begging for lack of judgment right now
  1. I love television. I love good, well written, well shot television.
  2. But I'm also a huge, giant nerd on the inside that never grew up and still kind of wants to be a frontier woman in the early 1900's who wears cotton dresses and cooks on a wood burning stove
  4. This is my girl Elizabeth Thatcher. She is an heiress from a wealthy family who trained to be a teacher at a prestigious university, who feels called to teach in the northwestern town of Coal Valley on the Canadian fronteir
  5. "Oh Canada?" You say
    Yes, Canada
  6. This is my fantasy bae Mountie Jack. A MOUNTIE (which is apparently a very dangerous and high stress job? Who knew? Not me?)
    I know you see where this is going w Elizabeth and Jack and you are right. Hang on tight it is a love rollercoaster up in Coal Valley
  7. Beautiful voice of reason sent from above, Abigail Stanton. Also Rebecca from Full House. You get used to it idk how but you do
  8. Here they are together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  9. What more do you want
  10. So much girl power on this show also like these widows from a huge mining accident who are going to be evicted work in the mines so they won't lose their homes?? There's a girl prosecutor?? Abigail opens her own business?? It's just 😍
  11. Every guy is hot
  12. Heart warming messages
  13. Super cheesy so you are never let down bc every one gets a happy ending
  14. What I'm trying to say is please watch this show
  15. I beg
  16. So I can talk to somebody about it and keep listening about it and people know what I'm talking about :)))))
  17. Please
  18. When Calls the Heart is calling your heart
  19. Lol bye