1. The Ashes
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    This is the trophy for the annual cricket showdown between Australia and England. The real trophy is too tiny and fragile to travel so it lives at Lords Cricket Ground in London - the Mecca of cricket. I have no interest in this but went there for a two hour tour on my honeymoon because my husband LOVES cricket. It turned out to be pretty interesting.
  2. Tea set
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    Got this tea set. It looks just like the little girl play set I had as a child. This fact excites me more than I can say.
  3. My summer reading list
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    Of which I've finished most of the books, but found other books to read instead of some of these. I read according to my mood most of the time, so sometimes a book on my list sounds unappealing at the moment and a book off it sounds great.
  4. The first root beer I'd had in 9 months
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    Got it on the US Air Force base in Germany. Couldn't have been happier. They don't sell root beer in India.
  5. Followed on Twitter
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    When bestselling author and person I aspire to write as well as Maureen Johnson started following me on Twitter - and I wasn't even following her! - I was so excited I took a screen cap of the email. It now lives on my phone as proof that this happened.