1. We got out the Austin 8 (1939)
    Because it's Republic Day, so we took out the antique car.
  2. And took a drive to the cricket grounds
  3. My husband runs our Maruti dealership and my brother-in-law runs the Toyota. So today the staff of each dealership played cricket against each other.
    A friendly match for the holiday.
  4. My husband batted well but got out on what he says was "a bad wicket".
    We can interpret that to mean "an embarrassing ball to get out on".
  5. And they took team pictures
  6. And we all ate snacks and watched the game.
  7. Cricket is one sport of which I never thought I'd understand all the rules. I'm getting there, but it's still foreign to me.
  8. Though I've actually become a decent bowler (pitching). My batting is okay too.
  9. Then we drove back in the car (before the game was over because even a friendly cricket match takes forever).
  10. And picked up fruits on the way home.
  11. It was a lovely day for a drive and cricket.
  12. Happy Republic Day!