Looking for a family movie? Love Disney films? Maybe you just want to see something new, but old. Here are some Disney movies you might not have seen, but are 100% worth a watch.
  1. The Moon-Spinners
    This Hayley Mills film is a great race to find the treasure. It's got a thief, attempted murder, a handsome British stranger, and it all takes place on the island of Crete. This is one of my favorite Disney films ever made.
  2. The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men
    Like the Errol Flynn Robin Hood? Or the Fox Robin Hood? No this is not the animated film. This live action Robin Hood film is an excellent telling of the classic tale. As much as I love Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, I always found this a little more fun to watch.
  3. The Fighting Prince of Donegal
    Starring the same dashing Brit as Moon-Spinners. Peter McEnery, this film is loosely based on true events. It takes place during the Irish rebellions and centers around the story of Red Hugh of Donegal. There's romance, war, and a lot of drinking. And the song at the end of the film is the actual song about Red Hugh, "O'Donnell Abu".
  4. The Three Lives of Thomasina
    Starring Patrick McGoohan, this film is about a cat's mysterious death and reappearance and how it brings a family together. A great family film that everyone will love.
  5. Summer Magic
    Another Hayley Mills film. In this one a family moves from the city to the countryside after their father dies. Burl Ives stars in this as well and sings some great songs (like "The Ugly Bug Ball"). A very fun film with lots of great musical numbers.
  6. Emil and the Detectives
    Emil is a young boy who is pick-pocketed while visiting Berlin. As the money was for his grandmother, he must find a way to get it back. A group of boys who are all amateur detectives take the job to help him get the money back. They end up getting in a little over they heads.
  7. Kidnapped
    This is a great adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel. Definitely worth a watch.
  8. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    James Mason kills it as Captain Nemo. If you've never seen this Disney classic, I highly recommend it. It costars Kirk Douglas and Peter Lorre.
  9. Darby O'Gill and the Little People
    This film about an old man who captures the king of the leprechauns is funny with a bit of Irish ghost story thrown in. It costars Sean Connery and Janet Munro as the young lovers in the film.
  10. Blackbeard's Ghost
    This comedy is EXCELLENT. Ever wonder what would happen if the ghost of a pirate was hanging around? Okay, maybe you haven't, but you still should find out. Peter Ustinov and Elsa Lanchaster turn in great performances.
  11. Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Jason Robards and Jonathan Pryce star in this film about a demonic circus that has come to town. It grants people their wishes, but for a price. Based on the Ray Bradbury novel, the story unfolds through the eyes of two boys.
  12. The Sword in the Stone
    If you've never checked out this animated King Arthur tale, it's worth your time. A perfect family movie.
  13. In Search of the Castaways
    One more Hayley Mills movie. In this one she and her brother must journey to find their missing father. They make their way to Chile and go through a dangerous adventure. One of my favorite movies as a kid and definitely worth a watch. Based on the story by Jules Verne.